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Take the Good in Life and Reject the Rest


Take the Good in Life and Reject the Rest

Take the Good in Life and Reject the Rest

When was the last time you watched a bee as it busily went from flower to flower collecting the nectar and pollen that would become the life saving energy source for the larvae back at the hive. While some bees are happy to collect pollen from many different plants and flowers, others specialize in only collecting from certain species. The honey produced in the hives of these specialist bees is highly sought after for its unique qualities and flavors. 

In our life choices, we can be like the specialist honeybee, taking the good things offered to us in life, and rejecting the rest that will potentially harm us, or our quality of life. Learning to say no is a powerful tool that many of us rarely, if ever use. There is nothing wrong with the pollens and nectar that the specialist bees reject. They have the potential to produce delicious honey, however, for the honeybees that are searching for a special type of pollen; they represent imperfections and time wasting activity.

Learning to reject or say no to what will hurt or harm us in the long term is the key to reducing the amount of stress we carry each day and to feeling better about ourselves, but also about the choices we make. As we learn to reject the things that will harm us, we are more inclined to accept the things that will help us. Perhaps more importantly, we are able to learn to tell the difference between the two.

How can you tell the difference between what to accept and what to reject to help you stay relatively stress free? Most of us know instinctively what is going to cause us ‘distress’. These things should never be accepted and   must be overtly rejected from our lives, but what of those things that will cause us stress but not distress? Can we trust our instincts with them? 

Growing through stress is not a bad thing and sometimes we do need to move outside of our comfort zone to achieve progress in our life. The key to knowing what will produce so-called ‘good stress’ and what will produce objectively negative stress is to have a life plan and as a rule only accept those things that contribute to or resonate with that overarching life plan. Saying no to all the other things that act as distractions or worse, helps keep us focused on our goals and thinking positively about our life experiences.

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