NLP at Work, 4th Edition: The Difference that Makes the Difference


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A jargon-free approach, featuring exercises, examples and action tips to show how to use NLP techniques, to accelerate learning and enhance creativity, communication and influence.People Management

NLP at Work outlines NLP in a business setting. Understanding how your behaviour influences the responses of those you deal with can be the key to modifying attitudes and establishing rapport.The Guardian

Recommended for anyone who works with people in a business environment. Liberally sprinkled with mini case studies and stories, which illustrate the theory nicely and keeps jargon to the minimum.Training Journal

Recommended heartily for its good visual presentation, jargon-reduced descriptions and lots of fine examples of NLP at work in the workplace. It’s a great place to start.NLP World

This book may help you to understand life more clearly.Paul Smith, fashion designer

Sympathetic and clear… the whole book makes NLP reasonable, achievable and commonsense.Mark McKergow, co-author of The Solutions Focus

The clearest book on NLP that I have come across. It is easy to read, relevant and insightful.Management Training

The definitive volume on the topic… an excellent introduction to the subject. A clear, thoughtful structure takes both novices and experienced practitioners through the subject in a logical, coherent, and easy to understand and enjoyable way. The style of writing is realistic and practical and it is easy to become immersed in the book.Personnel Today

Should be on the bookshelf of any NLP student.Training Management

About the Author

Sue Knight was the first to use NLP to improve the quality of the business world and is a leading international consultant and speaker. She provides public courses for NLP certification, in-company leadership development and training, offers one-to-one performance coaching, and is a sought-after conference speaker. She works across the world, especially in Europe and India. http://www.sueknight.com.

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