How Easy Do You Find It to Talk to Other People?


How Easy Do You Find It to Talk to Other People?

How Easy Do You Find It to Talk to Other People?

Talking to people who are new acquaintances is something most people admit is something they find difficult. For some people, talking to people, they don’t know, can create so much stress they prefer to stay home or only talk to family and friends, rather than face the stress of a social gathering or business meeting.

Most people can usually deal with the simple conversations and can introduce themselves, but then find it difficult to keep the conversation flowing. If you feel like this, it’s important to know that you are not the only one; you are one of a majority of people. Even people, who seem confident, often hide their fear behind the curtain of being the “life of the party.” Social interaction is such an important part of most careers and life events, learning how to talk easily among strangers and friends alike, is an excellent skill to attain.

Becoming a confident person in public doesn’t need to be so stressful; however it does take practice and lots of it. Here are a few helpful ways to help you achieve the self-confidence you want.

  1. Go prepared with some open questions: In his book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People” Dale Carnegie reminded readers that if you ask the right questions, you don’t need to say much. Others will do all the talking. , and feel they have found a new friend, even if you don’t say too much.

Open questions are those questions that ask a question that needs more than a yes or no answer. Ask questions appropriate to the group. If its work related, after introducing yourself, ask someone about his or her work and what he or she finds most satisfying about it. If it’s a mother’s group, ask your fellow mother about their children. If it’s a book club, ask a member about the books they enjoy reading most.

Each of these questions will open up more questions for you to ask, and as you listen, you will find something else to ask them or you will find that people will naturally reciprocate with similar questions, so you won’t be left wondering what to talk about next.

  1. Watch Your Body Language: Try to maintain an open and friendly stance at all times. Smile when talking to people and try not to cross your arms. Look at people and nod your head when they speak to you.

Showing interest in what people say naturally attracts people and encourages them to talk to you and show you the same interest you show them. People respond to people who are interested in them and showing interest in others is the simplest way of breaking the ice and developing self-confidence.

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