ReDesignYourGrind Brand Builder (GOLD PACKAGE)

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So you've come to that point in your life where you know you want to build an online business or brand yourself and your talents but you need some help...

Listen, we've all been there.  lookinfg around for help is the first and best way to get started.  In this market you get what you pay for.  If you spend $99 on a course, you may learn how to do this all yourself, or if you value your time have us do it for you.  It's what we do all day, everyday! 

We will set you up, and you can manage your new business knowing it has a solid foundation.

The ReDesignYourGrind Brand Builder (GOLD PACKAGE) delivers the following for your new (soon to be profitable) online business:

  • Consultation discussion through discord server to identify the type of business you want to build.  This includes: product/service niche, business model, marketing strategy and branding consultation.
  • We will obtain a domain for your new business through (.com is always prioritized unless unavailable).
  • We will have a professional logo made up for your new brand identity by one of our associate designers.
  • We will have a Shopify website made for you that is functional for the type of business you are trying to run.  Includes:  Website layout, Contracts (Privacy Policy, Returns/Refund Policy, Shipping Policy, Terms of Service Agreement) and a simple website theme using your branding.  
  • Premium Shopify theme.  We will choose the one we think best fits your business model in terms of functionality and style.
  • We will include three (3) products with full product description listings, professional looking images, and using SEO best practices to maximize the longevity of the relevance of the product pages.
  • We will create a Facebook page for your new brand using images and branding developed in this package,(includes three (3) social media posts to Facebook explaining the brand and welcoming new customers/clients).
  • We will create a Facebook Group to help you network and better interact with your targeted consumers.
  • We will build you a Twitter handle and make three (3) relevant social media posts to promote your brand.
  • We will create an Instagram profile and make three (3) relevant social media posts to promote your brand.
  • We will link all of these social media accounts to your online store so you can promote all of your products seamlessly throughout these platforms.

We will give you the start, the tools and the support.  Don't worry about anything, leave that to us!  

This is our 'PRO PACKAGE', designed specifically to give you the BEST BRANDING, the BEST MARKETING STRATEGY, and the BEST SUPPORT.