ReDesignYourGrind Brand Builder (BRONZE PACKAGE)

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So you've come to that point in your life where you know you want to build an online business or brand yourself and your talents but you have absolutely no idea where to start...

Listen, we've all been there.  None of us emerged one day and just knew how to create a business.  In fact we know Ivy league grads with Masters in Business Administration that have no idea how to form an LLC, or even have a custom logo made.  Sad right?  Good thing is there is a solution!  

The ReDesignYourGrind Brand Builder (BRONZE PACKAGE) delivers the following necessities for your new online business:

  • Consultation discussion through discord server to identify the type of business you want to build.  This includes: product/service niche, business model and branding consultation.
  • We will have a professional logo made up for your new brand identity.
  • We will have a Shopify website made for you that is functional for the type of business you are trying to run.  Includes:  Website layout, Contracts (Privacy Policy, Returns/Refund Policy, Shipping Policy, Terms of Service Agreement) and a simple website theme using your branding.  THIS PACKAGE DOES NOT INCLUDE PRODUCTS

We will give you the start, the tools and the support.  Don't worry about anything, leave that to us!  

This is our 'Starter Package', more catered to the person that is trying to start their first store or service site.  If you are looking for more feel free to check out our Silver and Gold Packages here: