Success is Subjective: What Does Success Mean to YOU?

What is success?

Is it fair to assume that success is subjective?

If that's the case, what does success mean to you?

In this video we discuss what success means to different people, and what success means from our own perspective.

We will go deep by talking briefly about the concept of comparing ourselves and our perception of success to our perceived success of others and the potential consequences that may arise from that line of thinking and mindset.

Furthermore we will ask ourselves, if we don't feel as though we are a success in our own lives;

1. Is there a way to reframe or redefine our perception of what success is?

2. Are there steps or strategies that we can implement in our own lives to reach our desired state from where we are now (present state)?

3. Are there different ways to think about our own subjective situations/experiences to achieve our goals and ambitions?

4. Do we feel comfortable with our own perception of what success really means in context within our own lives?

5. What can we do today to aid us in our own journey of personal development?

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