My Journey to Sobriety - Alcoholism Recovery During Quarantine

This is a video I made documenting my experiences and perceptions of my journey to sobriety from alcoholism.

Through self awareness and by taking responsibility for myself and my actions that had led up to this point I was able to give up alcohol and completely transform my life while locked down during the 2020 pandemic.

I made this video as a reminder to myself of how far I was able to come by changing my mindset, realizing and focusing on what was most important to me and finding the consistency and conviction that was always within me to effectively self manage. I hope this video can inspire someone somewhere to change.

Please seek help if you or someone you know is struggling with Alcoholism or Drug Addiction.

If you are struggling with alcoholism or substance abuse and need someone to talk to you can seek help from these resources:

- Text GO to 741741 to reach a trained Crisis Counselor through Crisis Text Line, a global not-for-profit organization. Free, 24/7, confidential.

- 1-800-662-HELP ( 1-800-662-4357 ) - The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) -1-844-289-0879

- National Drug Helpline Alternatively, you can email me at: