Why is Dropshipping not a good idea in 2020? Why it doesn't work for everyone?

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Today we are talking about dropshipping and why it doesn't work for everyone. Specifically dropshipping from foreign countries, and why I don't like doing it.

For years now YouTubers and so called e-Commerce "Gurus" have been telling us that if we start a dropshipping business online we will be able to print money and make an amazing life for ourselves.

While this may be true if it is done correctly, the majority of people who start out in dropshipping with no knowledge or in a state of desperation thinking they can just throw up a website, import some products, and create Facebook ads and print money will inevitably fail.

The sad truth is that while dropshipping can make you and the product supplier a ton of money, it requires a lot of work, expertise and a fantastic supplier.

It's not impossible, but the long shipping times, relying on other businesses to handle your fulfillment and the over-saturation of nearly every niche market can be a death sentence for your new e-Com business.

I'm sure you've seen dropshipping courses out there promising to take you from $0-$1000 per month all over the internet and while some of these courses do in fact have relevant, useful information, you would be hard pressed to be able to create a scale-able business through dropshipping as easily as they make it seem.

In this video we will go over exactly why I prefer not to dropship but instead OWN my own supply chain and logistics, and why I think that in the long run of brand building, either your own products or white labeled products are the way to go to successfully grow an online business.

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