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Let's Talk: WHY should you start an eCommerce Brand in 2020?

In today's video we will be discussing the real reasons why starting an eCommerce brand in 2020 is a great idea!

Did you know that 80% of ALL people on the internet have made a purchase from an online retailer?

In the United States alone this translated to 584 BILLION DOLLARS in 2019! In 2019 WORLDWIDE eCommerce did 2.9 TRILLION DOLLARS in revenue!

This number is expected to grow to $6.5 Trillion by 2023! Don't you want a piece of that gigantic pie of PROFIT?

As always we are interested in YOUR opinions on this topic, so please leave us a comment below if you have a perspective on this post! This is how we grow as entrepreneurs!

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We hope this type of content inspires you to change your mindset and start the business of your dreams in 2020!

It's not always easy but eCommerce can be the stepping stone you need to propel you into financial freedom and success!

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