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We talk a lot on this channel about just grinding through and getting the work done, but today we are discussing the importance of why you need to take time off for yourself as an entrepreneur. 💯

First we'd like to apologize for the lack of videos the end of last week, we were experiencing technical difficulties on the road and couldn't seem to get anything worthwhile done...

The brand-builder series will continue next week on Monday, and new Let's Talk videos like this one will be uploaded on Wednesday and Friday this week.

We decided, since it was relevant to our situation this week, to discuss why it's important to take time for yourself as an entrepreneur. Many of us get tunnel vision and can't seem to switch off for even a little while.

We have conditioned ourselves into thinking that if we take time for ourselves it is a waste of valuable time and energy and that it doesn't help us to achieve our goals.

Quite the contrary!

We will be looking at reasons why taking time to recoup and relax for a while is extremely beneficial and in some cases down right necessary for the budding entrepreneur.

We visited Las Vegas this week and as such will be featuring some of our footage from that trip in this video coupled with narration discussing today's topic.

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