Let's Talk: How to Price Products Effectively for Maximum Profit - Raising & Lowering Prices PART 2

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Let's Talk: How to Price Products!

In today's video we will be discussing how to price your products to maximize value to your customer and profitability within your business model.

We will discuss specifically raising and lowering prices. Do's and Don'ts.

Efficiently Pricing products can make or break your new business.

We will be specifically looking at an article from the website www.wikihow.com entitled; HOW TO PRICE YOUR PRODUCT - 12 STEPS.

This is part 2 in a series of videos in which we will break down what it takes to make a business profitable and how your product pricing within your market will influence consumer buying trends and conversions.

As always we are interested in YOUR opinions on this topic, so please leave us a comment below if you have a perspective on this post! This is how we grow as entrepreneurs!

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As always thank you for watching!

We hope this type of content is useful in pricing your products efficiently to make the maximum amount of money!

We also hope that you can use some of this perspective to help build and grow not only your own business but your personal growth as an entrepreneur as well!

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