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Today we are discussing the effects the Corona Virus (COVID-19) epidemic scare is having on the american Stock Market, and what we should be doing as long term investors to mitigate loss, the opportunity this situation may provide to savvy investors and who SHOULD be investing right now, and who SHOULD NOT be investing right now.

If you have money in the Stock Market currently, you may be a bit fearful after the recent losses as a direct result of the COVID-19 virus and the amount of fear and speculation that has been running rampant in the mainstream news media.

You are not wrong to fear, but you may be wrong to be selling all of your positions at this point.

This seems to be the end of the longest running BULL MARKET in United States history.

Naturally there is a lot of speculation and fear mongering going on, but what should we be doing as LONG TERM investors right now?

I will share my thoughts on this topic and we will take a look at the advice of financial analysts from CBS news and discussing what I think YOU should be doing if you have positions in the market and are currently experiencing losses. We will also briefly discuss past examples of this exact same type of situation happening, and what it meant for the long term investor at those times including the opportunity it presented to people able to invest at all time low prices.

As always we are interested in YOUR opinions on this topic, so please leave us a comment below if you have a perspective on this post!

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